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Terry Lee to Attend Harvard Soccer Camp

Terry Lee to Attend Harvard Soccer Camp

📁 Articles 🕔13.May 2015
Terry Lee to Attend Harvard Soccer Camp


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By Darshan Senthil

If one were to learn about YISS Soccer, they would not need to go far before they heard about Terry Lee. He made Varsity Soccer as early as his freshman year, but his true triumph came in his sophomore year, when he won the Golden Boot award for most goals in YISS’s victorious ACSC soccer campaign.

Now, as he prepares to move into his junior year, he’s taking his soccer training to the next level, as he now prepares to take up his place in Harvard’s summer soccer camp. “The camp is coached by Harvard soccer team’s coaches and managers.” He says. “I am hoping to go to this camp this summer and practice with the American boys and get better as I come back to Seoul.” This is indeed a big step in Terry’s soccer career; not just for YISS, but for his future college as well. “Regarding college soccer, many teachers and coaches told me that in order to get scouted, attending camps is a good start. Although, it’s just a dream I have, I would like to try it so that I would not regret in the future.”

Good luck Terry!



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