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The Lone Tennis Senior

The Lone Tennis Senior

📁 Articles 🕔11.October 2015
The Lone Tennis Senior

By Joon Yoon

It’s difficult being a senior on a school sports team. You know it’s your last year and you want to do well as well as make sure the team is set up for success in the future. It’s even harder if you’re alone in the endeavor. This is the exact situation 4-year tennis veteran Wonseuk Her finds himself in. Yesterday, I caught up with the captain and second singles player, learning about his history with the game as well as what he thinks of the current team and what the future holds.


Q:  What inspired you to first start playing tennis?

A: Prince of Tennis anime and I heard weird sounds coming from the second floor of my swimming pool . When I saw them play, I was fascinated.

Q: How many years have you been on the team? Why did you join the team this year?

A: My fourth year. I joined cause I really like tennis. Tennis has shaped all my high school years.

Q: What has been your motivation to keep playing?

A: I just love it. Passion I can say.  Losing is a pain but I still love playing tennis. It’s a “Why do you play League?” kinda thing. You play it just cause you like it and love playing it.

Q: What is your outlook on the season?

A:  Doubles is looking gloomy so far. Unless they can gain something significant from practice, they’ll have a bad season. For Thomas (first singles), he has an immense potential. However, if it all doesn’t show up, it’ll be tough. For me, there is one player who is kind of dominant. But the remaining three players, it’s hard to predict. I could see it go any direction. Andrew (third singles) is doing solid, however. Most likely third.

Q:  What do you think of your coach?

A: Hmmm… Very nice actually! I feel his passion and care for us. He puts the bar high to push us. I like it. And, since he personally played tennis as well, his advice during games is helpful and brilliant.

Q:  How do you prepare for games?

A: Through rallying, we get a feel for the game. Then we try to pinpoint negative aspects and try to fix them. For example, if serving doesn’t work out well, you focus on that. And sometimes, when only the girls have practice, if we ask beforehand, the girls’ coach allows us to come and practice.

Q: What was the best moment in the season for you?

A: When I got third place in freshman year as doubles with Brian Kim. The fact that it was a victory achieved by two people meant a lot.

Q: What about this season?

A: Today? I beat the guy I lost to in sophomore year. And I even had a wrist injury. So that means a lot. It was redemption for myself.

Q: Have there been any demoralizing or tough moments? How did you move past them?

A: I was up 5-0. But I lost to him 5-8, getting eight games scored against me in a row. Coach helped me a lot. He identified my error and made the loss a lesson, not just a painful memory.

Q:  What is your goal for the season?

A: Playing in the KAIAC final and placing top 8 at Far East.

Q: How would you describe your team?

A:  Uh… A maturing team. Only one senior. But when all the juniors become seniors, hopefully it’ll be a golden age. ^^

Q:  How does it feel knowing it is your last year with the team?

A: Very emotional. Tennis means a lot to me. So even when I’m in one of the busiest times of high school, I’m gonna give my absolute best and make this year memorable. Hopefully I can become someone they look up to or use as a model.

Q: What do you hope to leave behind with the team?

A: Manner, sportsmanship, passion and a unified team environment.


Wonseuk’s passion is evident when it comes to tennis. While he seems harsh, he wants the best for his team. Even if it is his last year with the team, he wants to use it to the fullest, pushing himself and his team to be better than before. It was a pleasure to talk with such a dedicated and passionate tennis player, and I wish them luck in the rest of their season.

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