Victoria-Concordia-Crescit: Victory Through Harmony: An Interview with Coach Creech

Victoria-Concordia-Crescit: Victory Through Harmony: An Interview with Coach Creech

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Victoria-Concordia-Crescit: Victory Through Harmony: An Interview with Coach Creech

We all know him as ‘that bearded art teacher’. However, once the bell rings at 3:10 he transforms into ‘the coach’ up on the soccer field. Mr. Creech who teaches high school art has participated in the YISS soccer program for several year, coaching mainly the boys’ team until now. This year both Mr. and Mrs. Creech along with Ms. Martens are leading the YISS Girls’ varsity soccer team in hopes of bringing home the trophy. I had the opportunity to interview Coach Creech on his own background with soccer as well as his hopes and vision as the new girls’ coach.

  1. How long have you played soccer?

I have probably played ‘soccer’ or some version of it ever since I can remember. I started playing with one of those small rubber basketballs you can buy here in Korea. I played organized soccer all through my school years and was fortunate to play all four years at university. Technically, I still play, and am a proud member of our YISS Staff soccer team! Ha!

  1. What aspects made you love this sport?

It’s creative, beautiful, unpredictable…It is a team sport as well. I love all these things…and more…about soccer.

  1. What is your favourite memory as a player and/or coach?

I have many of these, but in context with YISS, as a coach, I would say winning the KAIAC Tournament with the boys several years back (2012 I think). That was an emotional run with a great group of guys. As a player, I would probably say being able to play with my brother in high school and college. We had some great teams and the few years we were able to play together was special.

  1. What are your thoughts on the team this season?

Our team has been such a joy to coach. Our girls work so hard and are so committed to getting better and growing closer as a group. We have all kinds of characters and it is so great to see flourish in the context of the game of soccer. Our season has just begun, but we have already made some great memories, made some history, and played in some really excited matches.

  1. How do you hope to and how are you improving this team?

I’m not so sure what I can do, but I can hopefully pass on my passion and joy that I have (in general, but also for this game). I hope to motivate this group to learn how to enjoy what the game has to offer and provide ways to show them how the sport can impact their life in a grand sense…to help them see the big picture…why we are here, why we have a soccer team to begin with. I know a little bit about soccer I can hope to pass on as well 🙂

  1. How do you think this season will be different from the rest?

Good question. I think this one will be clearer once we are able to reflect after the season. Right now, we are in the moment and just taking it game by game. In this way, this season is no different.

  1. Who’s your soccer role model? What motto do you live by?

Well, my favorite player growing up was Thierry Henry, as I have shared with the girls. He was at times unplayable. He was so exciting to watch, and I just wanted to play like him, even though I was more of a defensive-minded player. There are too many mottos out there, some of them I like, but the one on my mind is “Victoria-Concordia-Crescit”. It is Arsenal Football Club’s motto and I stole it for this year. It means ‘Victory Through Harmony’. I think that is a beautiful way to paint it. Victory can mean many things for us, but I love how it is only achieved through being harmonious with one another. This can also be applied in a broader sense when we think about our opponents. Are they a part of this harmony in any way? Of course! This gets you thinking. Anyway. There is a motto for you!

  1. What do you hope to achieve this season?

Well, I asked the girls this to get a sense of what they were about this year. They want to grow closer, find community in some sense (I will word it that way). I believe they want to experience something that is greater than themselves. I like this goal. It is hard to measure, but I was pleased to hear this. In a more quantitative sense, our goal is to place (Top 3) in every event we participate in (ACSC, KAIAC Tourney, and KAIAC Conference). We may recalibrate as the season progresses, but this was our goal at the start.

  1. As a coach what do you emphasis the most and why?

I think I try to emphasize the joy and fun the soccer has for us. We can prepare and train forever, and I think it is critical to have a strong work ethic, but this is really motivated and driven by joy for me. Once I embrace my teammates, and find joy in them, it is easier to make sacrifices for them in the future and be a team player.

  1. What do you think will be some exciting things to keep an eye on for this team?

We have a great combination of youth and experience. It will be great to see our senior class play this year. They all lead in very different ways, but are full of class. They are an amazing group. We are so lucky to have them. In addition to that, we have a strong group of younger players who have a fantastic mentality and are following in the footsteps of these seniors. We start at least 3-4 freshmen per game and play 5-6 regularly. They are the future and will be exciting to watch.

  1. How do you hope to play a role on the team?

Like I mentioned, my role is important, but small. I hope to motivate them and create a safe place for them to be and thrive. My role is to prepare during training them for every soccer scenario that will be thrown at them and to remind them that we believe in them! Once the whistle blows, they take over.

Coach Creech’s passion for soccer and already for his new team is reflected through this interview and there is great excitement for what our YISS lady Guardians can achieve. Come support the YISS Varsity Girls’ Soccer team in their continual growth as players and as a team.


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