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Varsity Boys Volleyball 2013-14

Varsity Boys Volleyball 2013-14

📁 Varsity Boys Volleyball 🕔09.August 2014

The season was one of ups and downs. The 6 returning players rose to the challenge of building up the new guys while improving on their own abilities. The evidence of success was shown through the team’s 3rd place ACSC finish and 2nd place Conference andTournament finish, with a heartbreaking 5-set championship game loss against SFS. The heart of the team came through with players stepping up despite injuries and fighting for every point. The guys’ defining trait this year was the attitude to go after every point despite the score. Many of the teams they played and coaches acknowledged that drive. It was really encouraging to have so many teams cheering for them  and supporting them. Overall it was a great season. The boys will miss their departing teammates but are looking forward to how the new guys will step up.

Some highlights for the year were the opportunity the guys had to travel to Hong Kong to compete in the inaugural ACSC tournament.  They showed strong in the tournament (as previously noted) and had some great experiences working at the service project with the other teams.  They also walked away with the team sportsmanship award for the tournament.  It was also the 3rd straight year that the guys finished either 1st or 2nd for the season and tournament in KAIAC.

Record: 20-7, 2nd Place KAIAC Season and Tournament, 3rd Place ACSC

All Conference: Justin Kang, Tatsumi Himoto, Chris Yoo

All Tournament: Justin Kang, Tatsumi Himoto, Sam Kang

KAIAC Best Server & Best Passer: Tatsumi Himoto

KAIAC Best Hitter: Sam Kang

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